How to make relocation from Denver to Annapolis, Maryland as simple as possible

If you are preparing for your relocation from Denver to Annapolis anytime soon, you need to keep reading. We know a way (well, ways) to simplify this relocation and now, more than ever, you need some solid advice. Relocations are never easy but there is a way to make them less stressful. You just need to find the right help and it would be ideal if you have enough time (like a month or two). Don’t worry, there are ways to do this even if you have to move in a hurry. Just keep reading.

First steps

  • download a couple of moving apps to get more free tips
  • research Annapolis and Maryland in general in order to make settling in a bit easier
  • declutter your old home to make packing easier
  • sell items you don’t want to bring to Annapolis and you can earn some money to cover your moving expenses
  • if you have kids start preparing them as soon as possible
  • if you have pets make sure that all their vaccinations are in order and talk to the vet about ways of transporting comfortably your pet to Maryland
  • notify everyone who needs to know about your upcoming relocation

This is something you should do at least a month before your relocation. That way you will have enough time to prepare yourself (and your family).

A couple carrying cardboard moving boxes while preparing for relocation from Denver to Annapolis
Now that you are done decluttering you can find movers.

Find reliable movers as soon as possible

The only way to make your relocation from Denver to Annapolis easy is to get adequate help. We are obviously talking about hiring professional movers. This will be especially beneficial if you have kids, plenty of household items or if you are in a hurry. Movers will speed things up. They can even pack all your household items. They can even help you to settle in once everything is done. No matter where in Denver you are like for example Arundel county you can find people to assist you. This area is well covered but so is the rest of Denver.

Some packing tips that will help you to prepare for your relocation from Denver to Annapolis

  • room-by-room approach is always the best
  • gather all packing supplies and see what more you need to get them all in one go
  • pack fragile items first and move them away to keep them safe
  • find a good labeling system and label all moving boxes
  • get vacuum bags for your clothes and linens to make room inside your moving boxes
  • leave the furniture for last
  • if you have any special items like a piano you need to make sure that those are separately prepared
  • pack one separate bag for moving day and fill it with all the necessities for the road and some of the most important items like medicine, important papers, and such
A person under a pile of cardboard moving boxes.
If you are overwhelmed you can ask movers to help you.

Last but not least

If you are moving with your kids you should make some arrangements for moving day and the day before. If you don’t have to worry about them you will be more efficient. Friends or family members can help you or you can hire a nanny. That is about it. Good luck!

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