How to organize a family move from Miami to Denver

A family move from Miami to Denver will be much easier if one decides to utilize some additional help. We are here to share some tips and tricks for family relocation and point you in the right direction so you know where to find some extra help. When it comes to moving a family (especially a big one), the key to success is planning ahead and finding the right kind of people to help. You should know that you don’t have to do all the work alone. The whole family can contribute. Even the kids can be included. We will talk later about that one. Now, let’s see how you can organize this move from Miami to Denver easily.

Your first task is obvious – decluttering

We are not talking about Marie Condo’s posh way of decluttering. You need to be efficient and think everything through. But some things that don’t spark joy sometimes have to stay (like your hand mixes). Get rid of everything you no longer use, want in your new home, or is broken. Remove the junk first. Then make a pile of items you don’t want but are in the good condition. Those you can sell. Maybe even earn some money to put towards all the upcoming moving expenses. You know that relocations are never cheap and packing supplies can be very expensive.

You should include your kids in this process. We are talking about kids over the age of 4. They can decide which toys they want and which ones they will leave behind. Bigger ones can even declutter their clothes and closets. This will make them feel included and you are getting some extra help.

A mother packing with her daughter for a family move from Miami to Denver.
If you include them, they will feel important and grown-up so try it. You might be surprised.

Now, let’s start planning a family move from Miami to Denver

Make preparations for the move early on. Beginning with a rough outline. You may then flesh it out as you learn more and develop a timetable and set of objectives. If you are planning to sell your present house, it is important to give some thought to the tasks that need to be completed there. These could include cleaning, packing, and minor repairs. Create a plan and estimate how much money you will need to cover all of your moving expenses, from the price of boxes and packing tape to the cost of hiring a moving company. Create a calendar that will assist you in staying on track by figuring out what you’ll need to buy for your new house to be move-in ready. Writing down important dates like when you’ll get your new keys and be able to begin moving in.

Organization skills are not everyone’s strong suit. If you are struggling with logistics, you should download some moving and packing apps to help you. Besides helping you with planning they are also full of great packing tips and you will need those now.

DIY relocation or hiring professional movers?

These are the two choices you have in front of you right now.  You could pack everything yourself and drive the moving truck yourself, but that would require you to set aside money for boxes and potentially a moving truck rental. You can avoid this by hiring a company to do either just the packing or just the moving, depending on your preference. Sometimes people think that DIY relocations are cheaper but this is not a local move. It might not be the case. We always recommend to families with kids to hire movers in order to make relocation less stressful. If you get full-service movers they can handle many tasks for you. For example, you won’t have to go shopping for moving boxes. They can have everything ready for you.

A professional mover next to a moving van.
Movers are the only way to have a stress-free relocation. So, make sure to research nearby movers and check out the prices.

If you are packing on your own

Packing room by room is the most efficient way of packing the whole household. It’ll help you stay organized and speed up the unpacking process. Many experts recommend “packing by room” as the most efficient method for maintaining order throughout a move. You should only pack goods from one room inside a box. Avoid bringing in new objects from elsewhere in the house, even if the box has room for them. Then you need to find a good labeling system. That will make unpacking later on much easier. Whatever makes your family move from Miami to Denver easier is the goal right now.

Labeling is important

Make sure you have a plan in place to keep a record of your belongings so you don’t end up opening every box only to find one item once you’ve moved. We’re a labeling-obsessed bunch, and labels are vital for any relocation. There are a lot of helpful labeling suggestions in relocation apps we told you to utilize now. Employ the tips you find most appealing because no matter the system you choose, the goal is the same. Clearly mark the goods inside each box with a number and preserve a corresponding inventory list.

A mother packing for relocation with her kids.
It will only take an extra minute to label each box but if you don’t do it now unpacking will take much longer so why not take that extra minute?

Prepare for moving day

Besides packing for your move from Miami to Denver you also need to pack separately for your moving day and your first day in Denver. Everything will be hectic and you won’t know what’s what. But if you have all the necessities in one separate bag it will make the transition period go smoothly. You alone will know what you and your family need but most people pack this like spare clothes, wet wipes, snacks, medications, keys, chargers, wallets, and such. Don’t worry, you got this. In fact, now this relocation will be much easier. Especially if you find the right kind of movers to be by your side. Good luck!

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