Tips for organizing a short-notice move from San Antonio to Denver

If you have to move from San Antonio to Denver in a hurry, you will need some tips, tricks, and a little bit of help. Lucky for you, this is not our first rodeo. Moving in a hurry is something we have experienced first-hand so many times. There are many reasons why people have to organize a short-notice move. Sometimes it’s for a job, sometimes because of a break-up and so many more. No matter the reason it’s best to get together and start right now.

Your first step

Quick relocation planning requires a detailed to-do list and timetable. You only have a limited amount of time to complete all of your tasks, so staying on schedule is essential. Start by making a list of all the stuff that needs to be done before the move. Things to do before a move include scheduling movers, connecting utilities, packing, filling out change of address paperwork and forms, enrolling children in new schools, gathering crucial documents, etc. The next step is to create a schedule. Create a timeline of due dates and priorities for your tasks, then cross them off as you complete them. This will help you stay on track and finish everything before the big day.

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Baby steps.

Call your friends now to help you to move from San Antonio to Denver

Relocating is a demanding task. You have to pack everything up, move it all out of the home, move it to the new place, and then move it all back in. Expect to spend multiple days working on even a modest flat. When possible, you should avoid doing it alone. See if any of your close friends or relatives are free to help out.

Hiring professional movers

Hiring professional movers is likely the quickest and easiest option to deal with a last-minute relocation. A low-priced full-service mover will help you with all aspects of the relocation, from packing to loading to transport to unloading and finally unpacking. You can pick and choose the services you need in order to complete your mission. Don’t procrastinate. Call around to different moving companies for estimates, then book the company that best fits your needs as soon as possible. You can also engage experts to help you with unpacking and settling in. Nowadays movers can do so much more than move you from point A to point B.

Professional movers loading a moving van.
Movers are the key to a successful move from San Antonio to Denver.

Take a deep breath now

It’s natural to feel uneasy when you learn you have to uproot your life at short notice. This is an unavoidable reality. Attempting a move when you’re pressed for time makes it that much more challenging. You should try to avoid making any hasty decisions or skipping crucial steps in the planning process because of this. Breathe deeply and wait until you’re pretty calm before making any final plans if you’ve recently learned that you need to relocate. If you need support, enlist the services of someone who will not be immediately impacted by the relocation.

Maybe you have some moving supplies around?

Relocating is a breeze with the help of modern moving equipment including new boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape guns, packing paper, labels, dollies, and hand carts. Those goods may cost a pretty penny to buy or rent, but they’re definitely worth it. Using moving boxes instead of the free boxes you may find behind the supermarket will make packing and stacking much simpler. Less time is wasted fumbling with complicated controls when using something that is simple to operate.

The organization is the key

A more methodical packing job would be ideal, but if time is of the essence, it’s wiser to prioritize speed. Even if you’re the kind to keep things neat and tidy, this isn’t the time to start fussing. If you have time to sort through your belongings before packing, that’s fantastic, but if not, you may need to get started on the process immediately. You should make haste to reach your new residence.

Declutter before packing

The faster you need to relocate, the fewer goods you should pack and transfer. When moving on short notice, it’s best to sell or donate as many belongings as possible. It’s important to get rid of everything that you can as soon as possible, if that means donating old clothes to a charity, recycling damaged electronics, or shredding old invoices. Involve other household members in a weekend-long effort to sort through and dispose of undesirable belongings.

DIY packing

Assuming you’re going it alone, one helpful piece of advice is to begin packing each individual room first. Pack all you can from each room over the course of a few days if you can’t accomplish it all at once. You should still label each box with the corresponding room’s name, even if you’re following a detailed packing schedule. Boxes marked “Kitchen” can be emptied and taken straight to the kitchen, saving you time and effort during unpacking. Pick a method that you can sustain, and stick with it. You will make unpacking more difficult than it needs to be if you’re not consistent.

A young woman carrying a pile of boxes.
Packing might be the hardest part of your move from San Antonio to Denver.

Bonus tip

Clearly labeling each container is an important step. It will be useful for the people helping you move, and it will prevent problems once you get to your new place.

Don’t forget about utilities

Put yourself in a position to succeed by envisioning the final product from the beginning. Visualize yourself excitedly entering your brand-new house or apartment and getting to work unpacking. After flicking the switch, you find that… not even a ripple is made. As a result of your neglect, your utilities will be shut off. Remember to contact your providers and schedule the installation of any necessary utility connections while you are organizing your packing and moving service. The most important utilities to take care of are likely to be electricity, water, internet, and garbage collection. Your move from San Antonio to Denver will be much easier if you use the tips we just gave you. Good luck!

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