A complete guide to shipping goods from Dammam to Denver

Since shipping goods from Dammam to Denver is becoming very popular, we have decided to write a guide that will help you to ship whatever you need to. The USA and Saudi Arabia are two countries that work and collaborate very well. Many USA businesses have expanded there and vice versa. In the last couple of years, the IT sector has been booming there that so many of our companies decided to expand or move altogether. No matter the reason why you need to handle shipping goods from Dammam to Denver, Pro Denver Movers can help you. Let us start by telling you that you will need to find reliable professionals to help you. When dealing with customs, it’s always the best approach to call movers that can handle the logistics as well.

Sea freight or Air freight?

Either flying or shipping your goods to the United States is an option, no matter if this is a business decision or a personal one. Obviously, first, you should do your research before making a final selection. First, you will need to find a  website that compares air and sea shipping to get further information. Of course, we are here to show you the key benefits of each. Sea transport advantages include a safety record of 99.99%. Compared to air transport, shipping over the sea is 12-16 times more cost-effective. More people can usually be accommodated on a ship than on a plane. Also, it takes an airplane 44 times less time to produce the same amount of carbon dioxide as a cargo ship.

sea fright
You can fit much more on a boat.

Advantages of Air Transport

  • 99.99% reliability
  • Aircraft travel at a much higher rate.

There are, however, external variables that can delay your shipment, such as:

  • Extreme weather events
  • Very unfavorable climate

So as you can see, reliability is top-notch, but some things, like the weather, can make a mess of everything. Also, prices are a downside. Making a pro and con list is a good idea right now.

shipping goods via air freight
Many people prefer air freight, but it can get costly. Luckily there are websites where you can find out prices in advance.


The United States Customs and Border (CB) Protection website states that visitors must complete two crucial forms before entering the country. For items you intend to bring with you, fill out Customs Form 6059B (‘Customs Declaration,’ or “CBP Form 6059B”), and for items arriving without you, fill out CBP Form 3299 (‘Declaration For Free Entry of Any Unaccompanied Items,’ or “CBP Form 3299”). CB Protection officers will use these documents as a checklist and may want to see them. Keep track of what belongs in the house and your suitcase.

A customs officer may request additional proof of ownership for personal and domestic items. Bring identification for anything of high value you bring with you. We advise using a shipping firm to help you get through customs quickly and easily because of the possibility of problems if you make a simple mistake or attract the attention of an officer.

Import and export regulations

There will be no shipping anything from Dammam to Denver unless you know everything about import and export regulations between Saudi Arabia and the USA. Luckily even your smartphone can help you. Just type in words, and you will know everything there is to know about regulations between these two countries. People in the cosmetics or vitamin businesses need to be especially careful. Luckily, a reliable company like fourwinds-ksa.com might be able to tell you more about import and export besides helping you with shipping goods and the logistics behind it.

Hiring professionals

Locating experts who can facilitate your goods’ fast and safe transport is a top priority. Consequently, if you need assistance transporting merchandise from door to door in Dammam, you should look into reputable moving companies.

It may be challenging to pick the best Dammam freight company. These days, one may find them almost wherever. But which one is the best? Particularly challenging is doing this for the first time. Hence, learning as much as possible about the door-to-door cargo service provider is crucial. You won’t regret it if you opt for professionals.

shaking hands
You will need a reliable company to help you when shipping goods from Dammam to Denver.

Do you need a customs broker?

It would help if you first considered getting customs clearance, often known as customs release. Whether or not you need a Customs broker depends on the worth of your consignment. U.S. CBP (Customs and Border Protection) generally grants informal admission to packages valued at $2,500 or less. However, no exemption applies to products subject to FDA regulations, Countervailing duties, quotas, or other restrictions.

Establishing a Customs broker account and gathering the necessary paperwork before shipment is essential if an official entry is needed. Before items are given to the carrier, the exporter or even a supplier often completes the necessary documentation. The primary responsibility for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the documentation rests with the IOR (Importer of Record). You must ensure that you have the required paperwork when shipping goods as well as all details at hand. Your Customs broker will double-check the supplied papers for accuracy before sending them on to CBP.

Duty fees and taxes you will need to sort when shipping goods from Dammam to Denver

Another thing you need to think/worry about when shipping goods from Dammam to Denver is duty fees and taxes. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) duty rates are levied. Products entering the United States have varying duty rates depending on their classification. These costs must be covered by the IOR. Your Customs broker does have the right to pay those fees on your account and bill you later on for them or establish an automated clearing and settlement account so that you can pay the duty straight to US Customs.

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