How to Properly Store Sheets and Bedding

We are cautious about the conditions under which we keep our most treasured possessions. After Christmas, Grandma’s precious china is carefully wrapped in paper and stored in a safe place. Your hard-earned Gibson guitar is carefully placed in its case and stored in a temperature-controlled area. And what about your antique furniture? We go to these lengths because we know how valuable these moments are and wish to preserve them. The same logic applies to keeping your high-quality sheets and bedding safe and protected from damage. That is especially true if you plan on placing them in storage for the long term. But do you know how to properly store sheets and bedding? You can find everything you need to know in this article.

Tips to help you properly store your sheets and bedding

Keeping your high-quality sheets and bedding in good condition is essential, especially given their high cost. When you’ve settled on a favorite pair of sheets and a different comforter for each season, taking care of them is crucial to maintaining your level of relaxation. That is true whether you’re looking to place them safely in your closet or a storage unit.

Large bed with white sheets, pink pillows, and a painting of palm trees above them.
Your sheets and bedding are crucial for the quality of your sleep; therefore, it’s essential to find ways to store them and thus keep them safe from damage.

Always remember that these essential household products affect the quality of your sleep and, by extension, your health. Therefore, keeping them in the same condition requires correct storage. Following expert advice from this article will help you store sheets and bedding. Now let’s get to work!

How to store your sheets and bedding at home?

Let’s start this article with helpful tips on storing your sheets and bedding at home. We all know that it may be challenging to find a moment to put away laundry at any point in the day, let alone immediately after the dryer buzzes. Nonetheless, it is beneficial to fold them while they are still warm and the rest of your clothes. It prevents wrinkles without using an iron, allowing for a neater and more relaxing slumber.

Where to store them?

The best place for sheets and bedding is a linen closet. However, not all of us are so fortunate as to have such a place in our homes or any free space in such a location. Therefore, you can place them in any closet in your home after ensuring certain conditions are fulfilled.

Photo of a large white closet with folded bedding in it next to a brown storage box with decorations on top of it
If you don’t have a linen closet, you can properly store sheets and bedding in any closet in your home as long as you prepare them.

First of all, you need to make sure your bedding and sheets are fully dry. After all, we’ve all had the unfortunate experience of waiting a fraction of a second too long to remove our laundry from the machine, only to discover that it now has a musty, mildewy odor.

There’s a good reason folks have been drying their linens and comforters over the front porch railing since dawn. It wasn’t just a matter of drying time. It gives them some breathing room. If you give your sheets some breathing room when you put them away, you can enjoy a little of that springtime freshness all year long.

You risk the same thing happening if you keep your bedding in a damp place. Therefore, you must ensure that the space you store your bedding and sheets is completely dry. A wise idea is to reduce humidity by closing air leaks or using a dehumidifier.

How to prepare your sheets and bedding for long-term storage?

Whether you’re moving or want to put away some of your bedding and sheets into long-term storage, you first need to choose a suitable storage facility. When renting storage, the most important thing is to research and ensure you find a safe unit in the area. Not all storage facilities have the same features, so it’s essential to thoroughly check all the facts before making your final choice.

Hallway in a storage facility with pink doors that lead to storage units on both sides.
Before you make your final decision, make sure to do a thorough investigation and choose a storage unit that fits your needs perfectly.

Now that you’ve chosen a great storage unit, it’s time to prepare your sheets and bedding for long-term storage. Even though it’s more convenient to throw items into a closet, bin, or bag (especially when you’re in a hurry), you should avoid doing this. Just keep in mind our example with the guitar and china. The bedding’s durability and accessibility are both impacted by how we keep it in its designated storage area. So here’s what you need to pay attention to when packing them for storage.

Be mindful of the weight

Even though it might feel more convenient, we strongly advise against vacuum-packing natural down bedding.  You could damage the feathers and blankets if you try to move them. The same logic applies to stacking blankets in a closet; consider their combined weight. You should place the down comforter on its own, and you shouldn’t put anything heavier above it.

Stack your bedding and sheets

If you’re storing your blankets on a shelf rather than in a bin or bag, fold them, so the creases are showing. That not only keeps things looking neater and makes it easier to distinguish between the sheets and avoid grabbing the wrong set. It helps prevent the avalanche of dirty linens in a closet.

Make sure to keep the moths (and moth balls) out

For as long as humans have stored textiles, moths have been a problem. Because of this, in the 1800s, several astute scientists developed mothballs to rid homes of these pests. However, mothballs can ruin clothing. They’re dangerous if a child or pet ingests them and leaves an unpleasant odor. You could use lavender, cloves, or cedar chips in place of commercial mothballs to maintain the freshness of clothing.

The bottom line

We hope this article helped you learn how to properly store sheets and bedding and protect them from even the slightest damage. Trust us, if you follow the expert advice we’ve gathered in this article,  your sheets and bedding will remain pristine. You could easily make your bed feel like a hotel even after spending years tucked away in your storage unit.

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