Hong Kong ex-pat’s guide to Colorado

Also known as Colourful Colorado, the state has a lot of things to offer. It has beautiful nature and scenery and vast outdoor activities. Its capital Denver is home to famous cultural attractions and a lot of craft breweries. It’s also very close to the Rocky Mountains. However, Denver is not the only great place to live in. Colorado has a lot of amazing cities to offer such as Fort Collins, Boulder, Loveland, and Aurora. Keep reading for some more information in our guide to Colorado. Continue reading “Hong Kong ex-pat’s guide to Colorado”

Where to find cheap packing supplies in Denver?

It goes without saying that relocation is expensive. You have to take care of your housing costs, pay for the moving trucks, moving equipment, shipping, insurance, etc. But, there are things on which you can save some money and thus cut the overall price of your move! And, those things are packing supplies – all kinds of them. Packing supplies can easily break the budget if one is not careful. But, with our help, you will not be anywhere near breaking the budget. So, where to find cheap packing supplies in Denver? Is that even possible? Of course, it is! And that will be our topic of the day. Thus, if you want to know more about all the places where you can find cheap packing supplies, or even completely free packing supplies, keep on reading. Continue reading “Where to find cheap packing supplies in Denver?”

Challenges Denver families face when they move to Pennsylvania

Making a great change in life is always a hard thing to do. One of the most complicated changes is moving. Besides the location, you will probably change your job, environment, social circle, and living habits. When you are doing it by yourself, it can be a bit tough but doing it with your entire family is a serious task. If you are having a long-distance move, be prepared for some big challenges. For example, challenges Denver families face when they move to Pennsylvania are numerous but it is possible to overcome them all. Prepare on time and be patient. Continue reading “Challenges Denver families face when they move to Pennsylvania”

From Denver to Kuwait: how to pack fragile items for overseas relocation

So, you’re moving from Denver to Kuwait and a whole new life expects you halfway across the globe. There is no doubt, you’re excited, scared, and overwhelmed all at the same time. Also, you’re probably at a loss of what to do and how to organize your overseas relocation. While there are numerous important decisions to make and difficult tasks to complete before moving, packing for an international move is one of your top priorities. Here’s a guide on how to pack fragile items for overseas relocation. Continue reading “From Denver to Kuwait: how to pack fragile items for overseas relocation”

Create a perfect moving checklist in 5 easy steps

Moving seems like an easy task but in reality, it isn’t. It is a complex process with a lot of steps to take in order for everything to go according to plan. By according to plan, we surely mean you need to have a moving plan. One of the best ways to make a moving plan is to create a perfect moving checklist. A checklist will help you keep up with all the tasks that you need to take in order to make your relocation a successful one. A checklist will also make moving less stressful as it will keep you up to date with what you have to do next. Continue reading “Create a perfect moving checklist in 5 easy steps”

Colorado Students Moving To Mississippi: Best Cities To Live In

Everybody says college is the best time of your life, and they’re not wrong. Meeting new people, learning about things you love, and becoming independent are very exciting for all students. One thing that can be stressful (besides exams) is definitely relocating. A lot of students choose colleges located in a different city, even another state. If you’re someone who’s moving to a different state then you should definitely prepare yourself for making some major decisions. That can be choosing the right moving company, all the stuff you’ll have to bring with you and last but not least the city you’ll call home for the next couple of years. In the following text, you’ll find out which cities are popular among Colorado students moving to Mississippi.  Continue reading “Colorado Students Moving To Mississippi: Best Cities To Live In”

How to organize a short notice move – checklist

The move is a stressful job, especially if you have to do it in a short time. Maybe you got a great job offer in another city or state, and the company needs you as soon as possible. Or maybe you were suddenly evicted from your rented home. But although you have to move quickly, it doesn’t have to be chaotic. If you live in Denver and need to move urgently, don’t worry. Take a deep breath and take a look at this checklist on how to organize a short notice move. Continue reading “How to organize a short notice move – checklist”

Quick guide to Colorado to New Jersey relocation

New Jersey is one of the most popular moving destinations for people all over the country, especially Colorado. Plenty of people from Colorado have been moving to New Jersey. There are plenty of reasons why you should be moving to this amazing city but that is not what we are here to tell you more about today. We are here to help you out with the process. And we decided to do so by simply creating this short quick guide to Colorado to New Jersey relocation. These are the steps to follow when having such a long-distance move. Continue reading “Quick guide to Colorado to New Jersey relocation”

Denver vs Miami – what do new parents say

Moving can be tough. Relocating with family and kids even harder. The only thing helping you out is knowing that you’re going somewhere sunnier. Flip flops and a T-shirt, playing in the sun. The only problem is to choose which sunny city suits you better. So we made a list, Denver vs Miami, according to impressions of the new parents.

Continue reading “Denver vs Miami – what do new parents say”