College student’s guide to moving from Denver to New York

The day has finally arrived. You’re going to college! And the best thing is – you’re going to college in NYC! Let’s get something straight, Denver is a beautiful city, but the Big Apple. That’s just something else. A dream come true. Big city, lots of restaurants, different people, different cultures and beautiful scenery. And mixed in one place you’re gonna call home for the next few years. Although you probably had it planned since you were like 12, starting from the move and to your first-day outfit, a little help with planning can’t hurt. After all, we want you to enjoy your college days to the fullest. So here’s a college student’s guide to moving from Denver to New York. Continue reading “College student’s guide to moving from Denver to New York”

Denver vs Miami – what do new parents say

Moving can be tough. Relocating with family and kids even harder. The only thing helping you out is knowing that you’re going somewhere sunnier. Flip flops and a T-shirt, playing in the sun. The only problem is to choose which sunny city suits you better. So we made a list, Denver vs Miami, according to impressions of the new parents.

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Denver family moving to NYC: neighborhoods to check out

Having a big dream is a matter of imagination, but the realization of dreams in New York City is a matter of courage. Whatever the reason, moving with your family is a serious task, and moving from Denver to Big apple can be a hardworking job. Be prepared, be patient, organize yourself. Moving from the capital and most populous city of the U.S. State of Colorado to the urban hive-like New York City is going to be a multi-step process. As you probably already know, New York is not just about crowded streets and bright lights. This city provides an opportunity for comfortable family life and development. It has some neighborhoods to check out and consider. Continue reading “Denver family moving to NYC: neighborhoods to check out”