How to Properly Store Sheets and Bedding

We are cautious about the conditions under which we keep our most treasured possessions. After Christmas, Grandma’s precious china is carefully wrapped in paper and stored in a safe place. Your hard-earned Gibson guitar is carefully placed in its case and stored in a temperature-controlled area. And what about your antique furniture? We go to these lengths because we know how valuable these moments are and wish to preserve them. The same logic applies to keeping your high-quality sheets and bedding safe and protected from damage. That is especially true if you plan on placing them in storage for the long term. But do you know how to properly store sheets and bedding? You can find everything you need to know in this article. Continue reading “How to Properly Store Sheets and Bedding”

Moving from Denver CO to Shoreline WA with pets – 3 perks you will experience

Moving long-distance with a pet is not an easy task to handle, but it has its pros. When moving from Denver CO to Shoreline WA with pets, you should know if should you do that. And if is it good for your pet and yourself, too. Continue reading “Moving from Denver CO to Shoreline WA with pets – 3 perks you will experience”

Guide to organizing your storage container

Organizing your storage container doesn’t have to be a nightmare. All you need to do is take some time to research and apply the tips we are about to share with you. If organizing skills are not your strong side you can download some of the packing/moving apps to help you out. Most of them are free so this can be a great start. Continue reading “Guide to organizing your storage container”

Moving from Denver to Miami for college: how to prepare

College life will be one of your best periods in life – it is true. Yes, you have to study a lot, to take exams, but, it is a totally new experience, especially when you are moving to another state for college. Before you start with your college life, you need to organize your stuff. To be prepared for moving from Denver to Miami for college and to know where to start and how to do it properly. Continue reading “Moving from Denver to Miami for college: how to prepare”

Long term storage tips for antique furniture

No matter if you are moving or downsizing, you can’t keep all of your stuff. You will need a proper storage unit. Storing regular furniture is an easy task. When it comes to antique furniture you need to do a little bit of thinking. Antique furniture requires special care, so you will need to make a plan. With a good checklist, you can even organize a move on short notice. We will firstly go over what to do before storing your antique furniture. Secondly, we will give long-term storage tips for antique furniture. Continue reading “Long term storage tips for antique furniture”

Everything you need to know about moving loans

Is it time to relocate to a new home, but you are not financially ready yet? This should not stop you, especially not if you have to move. Did you consider getting moving loans? What should you know before signing up for a moving loan and what are your options? Continue reading “Everything you need to know about moving loans”